2L Beam liftarm 5x screw together metal connector FRICTION pins compatible with Lego Technic

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5x Heavy Duty Liftarm Beam Connector pins

A heavy duty metal double connector for connecting 2 beams together similar to Technic friction pins 2780.  Perfect for strong joints in plastic or our aluminium Technic style beams compatible with Lego Technic.  The connectors can be joined together with the supplied parts to allow multiple beams to connect together with a single hole with completely flush ends - impossible to do with standard Lego parts.  

- Connectors can be joined together to create extra long connectors to connect multiple beams together (even number of beams -see our other listing for odd numbers).
- Comes with allen key for tightening.
- Flush fit.  
- Provides a very strong connection. 
- Price per pack of 5x connectors