13pcs Metal Axle Shaft Rod Assortment of Heavy Duty X Beams compatible with Lego Technic

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A set of 13 assorted length metal axel shafts compatible with Lego Technic. These offer a good tight fit and are much stronger and stiffer than standard plastic axles. Perfect for custom builds and/ or heavy duty use as they resist bending and twisting!  Save over 25% by buying this multi pack compared to buying separately.

You can see the difference between the metal and plastic axles in the test rig photos. 

1 x 25 stud 200mm length

1 x 19 stud 152mm length

1 x 16 stud 128mm length

1 x 12 stud 96mm length

1 x 11 stud 88mm length

1 x 10 stud 80mm length

1 x 9 stud 72mm length

1 x 8 stud 64mm length

1 x 7 stud 56mm length

1 x 6 stud 48mm length

1 x 5 stud 40mm length

1 x 4 stud 32mm length

1 x 3 stud 24mm length



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