Custom metal Technic Beam / Axle length cutting charge x1

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This listing is the custom cutting charge for cutting a standard length beam or axle to a custom length.   

You will also need to purchase the larger length beam / axle to allow it to be cut down to your custom length requirements. 

Please note this is manual operation and as such there is a small tolerance in measurements.

This listing is for one cut as detailed below.  Please purchase multiple orders for multiple cuts.   

This is not a profit making service but we currently offer it to allow MOC builders to get the exact part they need.  Alternatively the cutting of the parts can done yourself very easily with a hacksaw and abrasive paper to finish (see our bearing guides for profiling beams perfectly).  This service may take a few days depending on workload but we try to cut and ship as soon as possible.

This service includes;

-Measuring and marking of part

-Multiple machine set ups

-Rough cutting of the axle / beam to the required length

-Profiling cutting ends of custom beam / axle

-Surface finishing of all profiled edges