Anki Cozmo Lifter fork arms and pallet Kit like Hexnub

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  • ELEVATE YOUR GAMEPLAY: Make your smart toy smarter with the new Lifting-Kit accessory for Anki Cozmo.
  • GET CODING: Challenge your coding ability with SDK and the Lifting Kit, program Cozmo to pick up and deliver objects.
  • GET CREATIVE: Be creative with your AI robot, add some of your favorite LEGO bricks and characters to the pallet. Alternatively, flip the pallet and carry objects using the flat surface.
  • REVERSIBLE PALLET: Lift up-to 30g (9 LEGO Men) on either side. forks and pallet intended for use in discovery mode on the Cozmo App.
  • MATCH YOUR COZMO ROBOT: Available in: White/Black with coloured decal options.

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