Aluminium Beam Cutting Guide BEARINGS compatible with Lego Technic

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Aluminium Technic Style Beam cutting guide BEARINGS.

A pair of bearings that fit technic axles and can be used to help profile the end of the beams after cutting.

How to guide
Here is our how to guide to cut the 1m long aluminium technic style lift arm beams to length. This guide uses our bearing cutting guides to give a perfect end.

Step 1) Roughly cut the beam to length (the more excess material you cut away the less you have to sand away).

Step 2) Fit the bearings either side of the beam using an axle and bushes. You can stack multiple beams together to shape all at the same time.

Step 3) Using an electric sander or coarse Emery paper to sand the end to shape. The hard bearing steel will resist the sanding and spin allowing only the aluminium to be shaped to match the profile of the bearings.

Step 4) Optional. Using progressively higher grades of wet and dry paper (200/400 to 1000+) to sand the end to very fine finish. You can finish with a metal polish if you want a mirror finish.

This is very low cost but with a little effort can achieve a great finish!