10pcs Metal Axle X Bar Shaft Rods compatible with Lego Technic

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Assorted length metal style axles shafts compatible with Lego Technic. These offer a good tight fit and are much stronger and stiffer than standard plastic axles. Perfect for custom builds or heavy duty use as they resist bending and twisting.

You can see the difference between the metal and plastic axle in the test rig pictures. 

Listing is for PACK of x10 pcs axle shaft per size.  1 unit, stud or 1L unit is approximately 8mm.

10x 125L stud 1000mm (1 meter) length

10x 50L stud 400mm length

10x 32L stud 256mm length

10x 25L stud 200mm length

10x 19L stud 152mm length

10x 16L stud 128mm length

10x 12L stud 96mm length

10x 11L stud 88mm length

10x 10L stud 80mm length

10x 9L stud 72mm length

10x 8L stud 64mm length

10x 7L stud 56mm length

10x 6L stud 48mm length

10x 5L stud 40mm length

10x 4L stud 32mm length

10x 3L stud 24mm length